Using animated explainer videos for your business

Using animated explainer videos for your business

Animated explainer videos

Animated Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular, with on-line digital engagement on the rise. Businesses are utilising this method to communicate and engage with their target audience as videos are having a greater impact on the viewer.


Statistics have shown that 74% of people have a better understanding of products and services after watching a video and over 90% have found videos helpful in making that final decision before purchase.
For Sales and Marketing, this can be a very powerful tool to have, especially for Animated Explainer videos, which can simplify complex information getting the message across quickly and efficiently, increasing engagement with your audience by 82%.


A successfully executed animation can break down complicated messages and make them much more accessible for your audience. Many users looking for specific information would rather watch a short video with audio rather than read lengthy paragraphs of text.


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Why do we react better to Animated videos?

It’s about getting your audience’s attention, and by doing this, you fuse the auditory and visual senses together, which in return increases the level of attention of your audience significantly. Psychologists have proved that the combination of movement and noise in animated marketing will grab the attention of your audience.


People usually prefer a combination of images and movement rather than plain text. On average a person only remembers 10% of what they hear but 50% of what they see. Animated explainer video gives you the opportunity to talk about your product or service in a short space of time, making it quick, fun, and entertaining. Merged audio and visual elements presented in a dynamic and compelling way are one of the best techniques in influencing your audience via animated videos.


It’s expected by 2017 over 69% of online traffic will consist of video content. Utilising animated explainer videos in emails has the potential to increase your click-through rates on average by 100%, with over 50% of marketing professionals worldwide say that animated video has the best return on investment (ROI).


Are you using Animated Explainer videos for your sales and marketing? If not take action now as the benefits can lead to more traffic through your site, more purchases or may be more sign ups to your services.


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