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Email Management and Strategy

Email marketing is the marketing channel that is consistently cited as delivering the highest ROI for businesses. As a tool that can communicate to large volumes of people whilst providing the ability to target specific audiences, email is a marketing channel that should not be ignored.

S2’s email marketing offering spans from the provision of targeted prospect email lists, to the design and build of html emails to the broadcast and management of e-campaigns. With our expertise and experience we understand that an email campaign is not effective if it isn’t opened and a pretty email creative is pointless if no-one clicks through.

Effective design for email marketing combines an understanding of email best practice, consumer behaviour and developing the right message and creative to maximise engagement, click through rates and inevitably sign-ups, conversions or sales.

Whether you want to market to new prospects via email or banner ads or send regular communications to your client base, we can produce high quality HTML e-creative’s which are designed with your main objective in mind.

And, via our independent buying power, we can source you the best email prospect data and you’ll pay no more than if you went directly to any supplier.

Clarity and simplicity are the values which underpin all our work and help us create and implement successful multimedia projects. We also have our own e-broadcast system which we use to deliver successful e-campaigns to our clients, with measured tangible results and clear reporting.

Top Email Marketing Tips

  • Ensure your campaigns are highly targeted, relevancy and personalisation will decrease unsubscribe rates and should improve open rates.
  • Keep content brief and focused, you can provide links to further information
  • Do not overuse your data, this will decrease campaign performance and also increase the unsubscribe rate.
  • Send emails with valuable content that highlights benefits to your audience.
  • Split test subject lines and creative performance to use the best performing email.
  • Monitor and evaluate results of each campaign to understand what is working & enable continual improvement.
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