Customer behaviour to drive insight and strategy decisions

We help grow sales and drive traffic in store, online and on mobile by harnessing customer behaviour across channels

Why Creative

We help grow sales and drive traffic in store, online and on mobile by harnessing customer behaviour across channels

Buying behaviour is heavily influenced by out-of-store and in store communication. The huge variety of traditional media, digital and mobile advertising only serves to cause greater confusion in the mind of the consumer and shopper. We help remove the noise which surrounds this experience and focus instead on the development of actionable insights based on customer behaviour, geared to generating profit.

We drive customer loyalty

We help transform consumer brands and retailers understanding of their customer’s behaviour with a view to maximising sales, profitability and customer loyalty.



What we do

We build partnerships

We aim to build partnerships with brands and retailers, helping to transform their understanding of the buying experience to the benefit of the brand owner, the retailer and the customer.

We are customer centric

We believe in putting customers at the centre of the decision making process. Core to this philosophy is the belief that data is the engine that drives all forms of sales, marketing and operational activity.

We use a scientific approach

We apply science to every key decision, using our customer insight expertise and proprietary data mapping, reporting and analysis software, Segmentz, to analyse return on investment across all media and channels.

What we believe

An Omnichannel Approach
More brands, more categories, more channels and more data sources all represent significant challenges to consumer brands and retailers. Those who fail to embrace this revolution in on and offline buying behaviour will be left behind in the race for brand loyalty. We have a unique ability to uncover intelligence in clients’ data and convert these insights into meaningful action.

We aim to use an omnichannel approach that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is buying in store, online from a desktop or via mobile.

Maintaining clarity and simplicity

Whether working on a predictive model to prioritise customer spend, optimising sales territories based on potential, segmenting retail estates, developing category plans or delivering a loyalty scheme informed by mobile transactional data, S2 always maintains clarity and simplicity in the final outcome.


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