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10 Fatal Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Ensure your email marketing is effective and drives growth by avoiding these common email marketing mistakes…


Over 205 billion emails are sent a day, meaning that email marketing is still very much a dominant channel in the marketplace. To ensure your email marketing is effective and driving awareness and sales growth you need to avoid the following fatal email marketing mistakes. Don’t let your email campaign become victim to spam filters or email bins.Avoid Email Marketing Bin


  1. Weak subject line – We all delete emails based on subject line alone so make sure yours is strong enough to capture attention. It doesn’t matter what your message is, if your readers don’t open it to see it! Avoid spam characters and words within your subject line and limit the length to no longer than 70 characters.


  1. Not split testing – A failure to test different subject lines, content and messages, time and day of sends will impact how successful your future email marketing will be.


  1. Style over substance – We all like emails that look good and engage with us, but don’t fall into the trap of making your emails look so good that they affect deliverability (large images) or don’t communicate your message clearly.


  1. Weak call to action – Ensure that you have a clear and strong call to action that motivates readers to act. The simpler and easier it is for people to sign-up and find the Call to actioninformation they want, the higher the response rates. Different links also give you the opportunity to monitor what each person is interested in.


  1. Responsive format – 43% of people check emails on smartphones or other mobile devices. Your email needs to be built on a responsive platform so that it automatically adapts based on the user’s device. Consumers are impatient and time poor and will get impatient if they need to scroll across an email to view it properly on a smart phone.


  1. No relevancy – Avoid a one size fits all approach as this will turn off your users and increase unsubscribe rates, to increase engagement segment your audience by shared traits, such as product interest, age, location etc so you can communicate relevant promotions.


  1. Poor content – Consumers are bombarded with so many messages that you need to ensure your content is good and stands out from the crowd. You only have 2 seconds to make an impact before customers delete emails that don’t interest them.


  1. Lack of statistical analysis – The hard work isn’t finished when your email broadcast has been sent. Analysing the stats after campaigns is important so that you can understand what needs improving. Low open rates can be a sign of over use, poor data or poor subject line. Low click through rates indicate poor call to action or overall content.email-marketing-analysis


  1. No value add – In a customer centric market, consumers don’t like to be sold to all the time so ensure you send emails that provide a perceived benefit to your customers. Latest updates, news or advice will help build engagement with your audience and uplift future sales campaigns.


  1. Unsubscribe management – Ensure you update the unsubscribe list and make the overall process as simple as possible. If consumers can’t unsubscribe within a few easy clicks they will likely report the email as spam and affect your overall sender reputation. This in turn can affect your future deliverability.


If you want like advice or help running your email campaigns, give us a call. We have already learnt the mistakes to avoid so you don’t have to!


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