Data driven marketing to improve customer retention and sales
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Data Driven Marketing

Data Driven Marketing refers to marketing insights gained from the analysis of a business’s customer data. Our data driven marketing service provides customer analytics and insight to help our clients drive informed sales, marketing and operational decisions.

Customer data is at the heart of every organisation. It provides the means to tailor products and services to the right target audience and help drive increased revenue from existing and prospect customers across multiple channels and environments.

A data driven marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Using data analytics techniques including customer profiling, transactional analysis and customer segmentation can provide powerful data intelligence.

Put simply, the more you know about your customers, the more effective you will be in communicating with them. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning about marketing communications and are demanding more personalised and relevant interactions.


Targeted Marketing

Using a more targeted and relevant communication strategy will help build engagement and loyalty and attract new prospects. Once you have a good understanding of your customers and most profitable customers, you can use this insight to find prospects who look just like them. A data driven strategy will enable you to size the prospect opportunity available and then use this customer intelligence to promote relevant products and services.

Customer profiling and segmentation

Using transactional data and our external consumer lifestyle, behavioural, mobile, online and demographic data to segment customers and prospects into specific groups based on common characteristics and purchasing behaviours.


Developing a Single Customer View

Creation of a central marketing database which acts as a single source of information for all sales and marketing planning and implementation. S2 provide a database management and hosting service for our clients and help to drive customer retention and acquisition using a dynamic customer view.

Data Driven Marketing Strategy

After developing a profile of your customers as a total base and by frequency and visit type, S2 are able to use this insight to understand buying behaviours for example customers driven by discount pricing or brand led activity.

All marketing insight can be used to feed into omnichannel promotional and cross selling opportunities, maximising relevance to the customer and potential response rates. This in turn helps to improve marketing spend by creating highly targeted campaigns that maximise ROI.

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