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Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Marketing has really changed over the years; since your standard printed elements like in-store POS and press, the digital age is taking over and mobile marketing plays a huge role in this. As our main method of communication, wherever you are or whatever you’re doing you always have it, so the world wide web is always at your fingertips!

If you’re not marketing on mobile right now, you may be missing a trick! So get started right away and see how it can benefit your business.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing is promotional activity delivered to your mobile or hand held device, displaying messages and adverts, usually as part of a omnichannel approach.


So why should your business use mobile marketing?

As it’s one of our main methods of communication and we can do pretty much anything from these devices, it only makes sense to use this method of marketing, the figures speak for themselves!

  • 80% of people who use the internet own a smartphone
  • 89% of mobile time is spent on app usage with the other 11% spent on websites
  • Commerce sales, via mobile went up by 38.7% in 2015
  • Users search more on their smartphones than standard browsers
  • Spend on mobile adverts are higher than desktop adverts
  • Companies which have now integrated mobile marketing into their marketing strategy is at 68%
  • E-mail opens rates have grown by 180% in last three years.
  • 87% of people will always have their smartphone on them
  • 37% of all website visits come from mobile devices

There are a number of areas to explore when mobile marketing, such as:

In app based marketing – whereby you would get an advert pop up within the app.

In-game mobile advertising – where you use a third party platform to advertise on, which could be a banner, MPU etc.

Quick Response (QR) Codes which take the user to an on-line purchase location.

Location based marketing, targeting users by the location of their device to alert customers to an offer from a nearby company or venue.

SMS Marketing – sending marketing or reminders text messages to your customers directly using their phone number.

location marketing

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

  1. Quick Delivery, most consumers are within an arm’s reach of their device
  2. Highly targeted marketing – ability to target a specific audience based on your knowledge of the customer
  3. Create two-way communication enhancing customer engagement and experience
  4. Ability to target local footfall (Proximity Marketing) driving footfall in store.

So if you are not currently using mobile marketing, it may be time to start considering it for your business.  Watch out for the next instalment in our mobile marketing blogs.