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When to outsource your creative design projects

When to outsource your creative design projects


With design, there’s a fine line between “I can do this myself” and “should I really do this myself?”.


There are many design tools out there, and maybe you have a creative eye for this kind of thing, but there are several questions which you need to ask yourself before embarking on this self-directed project.


  • Will learning these tools be time well spent for you and your team?
  • Will the designs reach out to your audience in the way you’re hoping?
  • Are your designs correctly portraying your brand image?
  • If not executed correctly, will these designs distract your audience from the ethos of your company?


To grow your business you need to utilise the professional look and replicate it across everything your customers see. Unfortunately, a great product and fantastic customer service isn’t going to sustain a business forever. To keep growing you need to actively market your business which undoubtedly leads to outsourcing to a graphic designer whether they’re a freelancer or agency.


When to know you need to outsource



  • Are you losing interest from your audience?


Are you noticing your audience is not engaging with your current promotional campaigns and media? If so then you should think about talking to a consultant and discuss why these problems are starting to form. From there you can start drafting up campaign aims and promotional ideas ready for a designer to conceptualise the brief and show how to correctly engage with your audience.



  • Is what you’re creating visually engaging?


Does this represent your brand in a professional manner and is it effectively showcasing what your company has to offer? If you look amateurish while presenting to customers, how will this impact your business?



  • Are you in need of the investment?


It’s a given that hiring professionals can be a hard decision for you to make. A way of thinking about it is – a professionally designed campaign is an investment, it may be costly to kickstart the campaign and get it on it’s feet but the returns can be substantial and in the end, worth it.

Design is delicate

The bottom line and what I’m trying to say is that design is an intricate and delicate subject to dive into, and if you’re thinking about doing it yourself you might come across challenges further down the line.

Remember that outsourcing your creative work can not only help give you the time to do your job better but giving your company the designs developed to reach your customers much more effectively.


If this blog has helped you to decide whether you need to outsource, reach out to us and let’s discuss what you need. Thank you for reading.