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What makes a good Point of Sale display in retail?

Point of sale displays are great for grabbing potential customers attention and directing them towards certain products. In the busy retail environment where consumers have hundreds of products to decide between, a POS display is beneficial as it highlights new products and special offers.


Displays are also great ways to incentivise potential customers to purchase and by making the most of this incentive, you can work towards the goal of boosting short-term and long-term sales.

That said, not all sales promotions are successful. When directing your point of sale campaign to the wrong target audience, you’ll notice that it fails to capture the interest of intended consumers.


To get the most out of your promotion, you should make sure you include these tips:


Point of Sale for the right audience

If you aren’t taking your target audience into consideration, you won’t be increasing your sales that substantially. You need to consider the types of consumers coming through your door, then consider what product your display is trying to sell. How do you make this product appeal to this type of customer?


Well designed displays

Well designed displays respond to both the retailer and consumers because of the return of investment. Being creative with your displays will impress the consumer and attract them to find out more.

Displays need to be made entertaining and visual to grab the attention of your target audience. The use of images and headlines should relate to the audience and pull them in.

Make your display stand out by using contrasting colours.


Good use of brand awareness

Point of sale displays are a good use of brand awareness, especially on shop windows. If you’ve introduced a new product in store which you want to market, using those brand guidelines will help people recognise an iconic colour scheme or image and bring them in-store.


Electronic displays using eye-catching visuals

Electronic displays near checkouts are the obvious winners. Waiting in the queue or at the checkout can be time consuming, and having animated advertising for people to look at while waiting really does convert buyers and increase sales.


Interactive displays

Interactive displays in store are very helpful for consumers to find the product they’re searching for. Having a touch-screen display near the entrance of your store lets customers browse and search for prices and order without wandering down every aisle.

This also benefits your customers experience in store, if they can easily locate what they’re looking for, they’ll have a much more pleasant journey and will most likely shop again in the future.


When best to start your POS campaign.

First things first, you want to establish objectives and aims so you have an end goal to work towards. Keeping an eye on sales will help you see your progress on these goals and you’ll be able to see how well customers are reacting to your campaign.

Secondly, if you’ve just implemented a marketing campaign to drive footfall and you’re noticing more footfall in your store, this is the best possible time to set up your point of sale displays. Now that you’ve worked hard to get these consumers through your doors, it’s the best time to get them purchasing.


If you’re starting a new offer or discount, you want to get this promotion noticed. Having a few banners or graphics around the store and on shop windows will help promote this new discount and entice potential customers to come in.


Sign and display design recommendations:

  • Bold and brilliant
  • Highlight the benefits of the product
  • Bright and vibrant colours grab people’s attention
  • Make the most of showing offers and discounts

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