Serendipity2 creates Sunrise Bakery 'CAKETAILS' Brand Packaging

Serendipity2 creates Sunrise Bakery ‘CAKETAILS’ Brand Packaging

Serendipity2 (S2) developed new brand packaging for a new food product for the independent Caribbean bakery.


Sunrise Bakery wanted to have new brand packaging designed for the new range of cocktail inspired cakes, the packaging needed to reflect the vibrant and cultural theme and have its own brand identity which would help it “pop off” the shelf and grab the customer’s attention.

Sunrise Bakery were launching a new cupcake product to break into the ‘cocktail lifestyle’ led mainstream market. The bakery was inspired by introducing vibrant cocktails, such as Mojito, Pina Colada, Passion Fruit Daiquiri and Rum Punch, all including Jamaican Rum into a cupcake, so you would get…“Caketails”

Creative Approach

Brand Packaging Example #2
Caribbean, Mojito Flavour

S2 produced the artwork to high standards, ensuring that the brand packaging was vibrant and having a tropical theme, as a result of this we created four packs for the ‘Caketails’ brand; ensuring maximum impact on the consumer and end user.

“S2 are really proud to have developed a new FMCG brand with one of our clients which has now successfully launched and is on the shelves in mainstream supermarkets.”

“What has been fantastic about this journey is that the entire brand development has grown organically from our collaborative relationship with our client and our initial creative strategy. So far we have designed the overarching brand and packaging, for this product launch, and will now be developing advertising, experiential and digital creative to position and support the brand moving forward”
Dave Spurgeon – Creative Director

As a result of this Sunrise Bakery has landed a deal with ASDA, which has stocked it’s new “cocktail-inspired” cakes in stores throughout the UK.

S2 is extremely proud of the ‘Caketails’ brand packaging we have produced, ensuring we provided the best possible service and creative for our client.

Below Errol Drummond, gives a little more information on the business and what it’s looking to achieve in the future.

“This is a substantial development for us as we expand our core business as the premier producer of traditional Caribbean breads, buns and cakes”, explained Errol Drummond, M.D. of the company founded in 1966.

“As a supplier to the four major retailers it has been our ambition to extend the appeal for our products beyond the supermarket’s ‘world food sections’ by creating a range of products that is attractive to most customers and sits in mainstream aisles. Having spoken to a number of buyers we think we have found a way of achieving this.”

He continued:

“Caketails reflects the growing trend for cocktails and is one of the first cakes of its type to be produced using actual Jamaican Rum. We will initially be in sixty ASDA stores, but our aim is to extend this and also develop further opportunities with other retailers and to grow the range”.

“Our new website ( is now live and we are using #tothebeachbar hashtag across social media to instigate conversation and raise awareness of ‘Caketails’.” For further information, please visit www, or follow twitter.