Benefits of a Dynamic Customer View

S2’s Dynamic Customer View™

Benefits of a Dynamic Customer View

Brands & Retailers have a significant challenge acquiring, engaging and retaining customers in today’s marketplace with strong competition and the rise of consumer power. To keep ahead of the competition and in sync with customers’ needs and expectations, it is essential that companies have a better understanding of their customers.

The need to achieve a single customer view has never been more challenging than today due to the volume of data available from multiple touch points both on and offline used by consumers.

Having a wealth of data is only valuable if you can unlock the potential insight contained and understand how to convert this knowledge to drive meaningful action.

You are not alone if the mass of data available is bogging you down or inhibiting your ability to analyse and filter out useful intelligence. Having multi-channel marketing and touch points is important to reach and engage with your audience but can leave you with masses of data to interpret but no clear objective in mind.


Dynamic Customer View


Customer Insight

A good understanding of your customer will provide information on who they are, where they live, their lifestyle choices, behaviours and aspirations.  This knowledge will in turn allow you to engage with your audience with relevant and timely communications in a manner that is preferred.

If you have all your customer data in one central place you can start to analyse your most profitable customers, size the market opportunity available and look for growth opportunities.

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Single Customer View

A single customer view pulls all your disparate data sources – marketing, transactional, operational (on & offline) in one central place so that you can gain a picture of how your customers are interacting with you, how often they engage, which channels they use, who purchased online or in store, which sales converted through email or SMS, who opens and engages through discount offers?

Customer Understanding

Understanding how your customers interact with you, what motivates them to purchase, how long the sales cycle takes, is important to develop an effective sales & marketing strategy. This should reflect the promotions, communications, merchandising and pricing is in line with your customer’s behaviour and needs.  This insight into your business should enable you to target your investment on the elements of the marketing mix and media channels that will lead to brand growth and enhanced relationships with consumers.


But what if we can go one step further and gain a real time picture of your customer engagement, understand where each prospect or customer is in the buying process at any point in time?


S2’s Dynamic Customer View™ provides an up to date, real time picture of your customer base, recent interactions, purchases and behaviours. If you have an up to date view of what customers or prospects are doing and their latest touch point with your business, you can ensure that you engage with your audience with relevant and targeted information improving the overall customer experience.

How does this look – a dynamic customer view requires a central marketing platform that can capture data from multiple touch points and the ability to manage and execute campaigns from the same platform.


Dynamic Platform

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