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Server Outage affects millions of Gmail Users

Gmail Server Outage Report : Google’s flagship mail service suffered an enormous setback this week resulting in massive setbacks for the United Kingdom and the United States.

The hugely-popular email service experienced widespread failures, according to hundreds of furious users on social media.

The problems appeared to be limited to Google for Work Gmail users, the California-based technology company confirmed- while the issue was quickly resolved, the impact was huge as many companies rely on the integrated cloud based software for their internal and external needs.

Google were quick to respond and update users via Twitter:


More Details

Gmail server outage at GoogleGoogle has apparently been facing problems since last Thursday, one of which being ‘capacity.’ For example, Google Search and Gmail quit working for individuals in nations including the UK, with the majority of problems reported in relation to logging into email accounts and accessing messages, according to the independent report service,

Of the reported outages, 50 per cent were problems accessing email, 25 per cent were with the website and another 25 per cent were error messages.

It has been suggested that the outage was because of a DNS (or Domain Name System) blunder.This implies that the servers responsible for translating domain names (,, etc.) into IP address was not working properly.

A Google outage however, is an uncommon, however irritating, event. Google is a prominent, essential search provider and has many businesses that use Gmail. Potentially millions of individuals Thursday morning were confronted with the problem of attempting to explore the web without Google.

 In Brief

  • Problems accessing emails seem to have started 16:30 BST (11:30ET)
  • The difficulties appear to be limited to Google for Work Gmail users.
  • According to some, turning it off and on again fixes the problem.
  • Firm revealed at 3:40 p.m. (ET) that service was restored for some users  
  • Some took to Twitter to make light of their inability to access work emails


On Twitter, some users were making light of their inability to access work emails.

‘My business Gmail is currently down. Please contact me in other ways if you need to like a messenger pigeon.’

 ‘Gmail has gone down. That’s it, day’s done boys.’

Others offered familiar advice – to switch it off and on again.


As a suggested solution, the company recommends disabling Gmail Service in your Admin Console UI, saving the changes, turning it back on and saving the changes again.



As per Google app tracker, the problem appears to have been resolved, of which you can find out details here