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What is POS (Point of Sale) & the impact it has on us

POS or point of sale display is a form of sales promotion that is used around till points, stores and shelving to communicate or draw the customer’s attention to products, special offers and promotions or special events. This could be anything from a Buy One Get One Free ‘BOGOF’ promotion to seasonal sales. POS displays come in different formats including display packs, shelf-talkers, promotional stands, banners, wobblers, posters, shelf edging, bargain bins, table talkers.

When we walk into a store and we see huge red and white sale signs we automatically think, end of season… money off… discount… savings! Sometimes these signs can hurt your eyes but as long as it gets the message across to the consumer, then job done!

Not all Point of Sale (POS) is bright red and white towering signs that can be a bit too much for your eyes, it all depends on the message you’re trying to convey to the customer. POS primarily drives sales but it could also be used to promote membership, enter competitions or even download vouchers from a site, making the most of digital marketing and engagement.

So what are the key drivers on the POS that can affect the shopper from a psychological perspective?

Colour, Creative and Content or the 3 C’s, these are three key drivers which can make the customer, potential buyer, react in a specific way when at the point of purchase or at a display.

Colour – it’s all around us and can make us feel a certain way. For instance, a warm yellow with a hint of orange can make you feel warm, secure or even comfortable; it could even make you think about a holiday, already sounding nice! A deep red can be used to represent love i.e. Valentine’s Day, as the heart is red and red is synonymous with love and passion

Creative – how do we tie in a creative to a specific colour? Using, deep red as an example, a POS promotion to sell Valentine’s Day cards could use a heart shape with the deep red colour. When this is art worked you would consider that the heart should look rich in colour with maybe a reflection to portray a sumptuous feel. Extras design elements can then be used to tie up the look and feel of the POS around the display such a couple holding hands or hugging, which will give the POS an environment feel.

Content – Let’s tie in all of the above with some simplistic, meaningful content, sticking to the Valentine’s Day theme, we could use the words:

Love you with all my heart, happy Valentine’s Day

The content doesn’t have to be complex, just simplistic, which ties in with the subject and gets straight to the point and most importantly fits in with the Colour and Creative.

Feeling the love yet…?

How can the 3 Cs affect the potential buyer’s psychology and lead to purchase?

Imagine you’re the customer who notices the display at the bottom of the store aisle, your attention is drawn to the display by the colour, creative and then you read the content.

Now we have the customer’s attention, the message or call to action on the POS should do the rest:-

• Buy a Valentine’s Day card
• Upsell to purchase a rose or a mug…
• Or enter a completion to win a dinner for 2 – via the company website

Valentine's Day rose display, showing impactful Point of Sale
Valentine’s Day rose display, showing impactful Point of Sale

If they enter the online competition you would be able to obtain their e-mail address and get them on a retention database; so you could contact them about other promotions, news and competitions later on in the future.

Incorporating the 3 Cs into your POS leads to a higher sales rate.

This is a simplistic example of how POS psychology can affect the customer, but there are some displays out there which have been taken to the next level, (dependant on location in-store) using different materials, structure and build methods which can all be added to the effectiveness of the POS.

So when you’re thinking about your next POS campaign give Serendipity 2 a call and see how our creative experts can help you create the perfect POS for your store.

Jatinder Panesar
Account Manager