Brand profiling & analysis, design & creative, trade promotion


Bahlsen wanted to increase sales of their biscuit brand through their trade channels of independent retailers. Bahlsen aimed to launch a pilot scheme based on specific prospect trade locations using the Choco Leibniz product to provide focus and uplift for the campaign.

Analysis needed to be conducted to choose the right channel and selection of retailers to partake in the campaign using an incentivised purchase. Booker was the chosen depot chain and Choco Leibniz Dark and Milk Chocolate brands were the chosen products.


S2 applied Bahlsens’ purchasing profile to the UK consumer population and analysed the number and type of retailers around each selected Booker depot. This analysis helped to identify the retailers in the best locations of customers fitting the Bahlsen brand profile.

Segmentz® data mapping and reporting software was used to aid the selection of independent retailers based on drive-time analysis from selected Booker Depots to maximise likely uptake.

Using Bahlsen’s brand guidelines, S2 then designed and produced a mailing piece with a redemption voucher which retailers could redeem in Booker Stores.


Chosen retailers were mailed an incentivised DM piece to redeem their voucher at their closest (specified) depot. The redemptions were analysed and the retail profile adjusted to create a new profile which was used to formulate a database of independent retailers for future promotional activity.

The results of the activity showed a dramatic uplift in sales of Bahlsen brands in Booker depots and through independent retailers.