Customer profiling, analysis & segmentation, marketing database hosting, on & offline design & creative


To provide insights into customer demographics, purchase preferences and loyalty to help drive individually targeted communications by understanding which customers to offer specific promotions and their preferred marketing channel.

We were also tasked to design and develop on and offline communication material targeted at key customer and prospect groups that were identified in the data segmentation and analysis phase.


Taking Bell Plantation’s (BP’s) transactional database, we merged the data to create a single customer view master database. S2 cleansed the database to ensure a viable and accurate database as the basis for the profiling and segmentation work that was subsequently carried out.

By developing a better understanding of the common characteristics and purchasing behaviour of BP’s customers as a total base and also by visit type (eg. garden centre, the Beech House, the Poultry Centre, or Smiths Farm shop ), we were able to establish which customers would respond to discount or value added brand promotions. Insights also fed into new promotions and cross sell opportunities to find and target ‘look-a-likes’ for precise marketing to maximise ROI.


Clear and accurate dashboard reporting on campaigns and the marketing database now enables Bell Plantation to increase margins by allowing more targeted campaigns, improve results and avoid unnecessary wastage or costs. After developing a better understanding of their customer base, it also provides the ability to drive loyalty and incentive programmes.

S2 hosted a mirror copy of BP’s central marketing database to help drive future communications to customers and target prospects within specific catchment areas of the location. Detailed customer portraits were supplied providing segmentation analysis on affluence, life stage, purchase channels, contact preferences, hobbies and behaviours to aid in campaign design.

On a monthly basis the marketing database is updated with any new customer purchases and preference flags appended to the database.

On the back of the analysis, S2 designed and created a number of targeted communications including email template, 6 page gate fold flyers, posters and banners.