On & offline customer profiling & segmentation


Champneys are the original resort spas that blend pure luxury with leading-edge health, fitness and wellness. Champneys have four country health spa hotels (Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Hampshire), six day spas spread throughout several counties in the UK and also manufacture leading health and luxury wellness brands. 

Champney’s tasked S2 to help develop an on and offline marketing strategy utilising robust customer profiles. As a prestigious consumer brand and resort spa offering luxury, leading- edge health, fitness and wellness services and products, Champney’s sought to fully understand their customer profile and how this differed across their range of treatments and spa services.


S2 performed an in-depth analysis on Champney’s current database, segmenting customers based on common characteristics and purchasing behaviour across its 4 main sites. Profiles were then developed by customer type, based on the reason for their visit e.g. day spa, treatment, member, day visitor but also their promotion category whether they were discount, promotion or voucher driven.

This cross analysis enabled pen portraits to be established across each segment which, along with key motivators such as ‘value led or experience led’, can now be used to drive future marketing strategy.

The customer profiles derived were then used to size the market opportunity for new prospects within catchment. The catchment area was defined by drive-time analysis of current customer by visit type e.g. day spa, treatment, member etc. Targeting look-a-like best customers within catchment is key to driving new customer acquisition campaigns.


Champneys’ now have customer segments which feed into new promotions and cross sell opportunities. S2 delivered accurate pen-portraits which define life-stage, mosaic type, motivations for purchase, contact preference, hobbies and behaviours.

This insight can now be utilised to implement highly targeted and accurate on and offline marketing, identifying which customers will be interested in which product and services.