Mapping the Olympic torch relay & promotional activation


As official sponsors of the Olympic Torch Relay, Coca-Cola European Partners (Coke) were given access to information from LOCOG about the precise route of the relay before it went into the public domain.

Serendipity2 (S2) was called in to help Coke make sense of this information so that it could be used to effectively tailor Coke’s marketing and promotional activity over the 6 week period of the relay.

Our starting point was a tabulated list of the Olympic Torch Route. We used Segmentz®, our specialist GIS mapping, reporting and analysis software to map the route out. The next step was to customise the map so that it highlighted areas where the torch would be carried by a runner as opposed to being transported by convoy.


We highlighted the route to show which areas would be reached before noon and thereafter. In addition to this, we flagged up all of Coke’s major evening events, entertainments and Olympic celebrations staged along the route.

After the maps had been developed, we added Coke’s major customer sites into the mix. These included individual outlets from the leading supermarket, wholesale, pub, bar, club and service station chains across the UK. This allowed us to automatically create a set of proximity reports for each of Coke’s key customers. Our reports highlighted the outlets that would receive an uplift in trade on each day of the Olympic Torch Relay.


These reports were used by Coke when identifying which stores to ‘activate’ at different points of the relay. In addition to this, we created a set of maps for each of Coke’s key customers, with individual stores labelled and each store given a ‘heat’ graded colour based on how close it would be to the route, evening celebration or Olympic Stadium site.

This gave Coke a ‘Total Picture’ of their main customer’s outlets and how they would be affected by the Olympic Torch Relay.