Brand & customer profiling, outlet selection, DM piece design & campaign management


S2 was asked to design and produce an incentivised direct mail campaign for Coca-Cola, as part of the new product launch of their Diet Coke with Cherry product, to sell the product to independent retailers via wholesale channels including Bookers Cash and Carry.

This campaign ran in conjunction with a multi million pound TV advertising campaign for consumers, geared to generating exposure and encourage demand for the new product in the Coca-Cola range which includes the world’s largest portfolio of soft drinks ranging from Coke, Fanta and Powerade to Innocent, Monster and Relentless.


S2 applied Diet Coke with Cherry’s purchasing profile to the UK consumer population and analysed the number and type of retailers around each selected Booker depot. This analysis helped to identify the retailers in the best locations of customers fitting the brand profile.

S2 then used Segmentz®, our data mapping, analysis and reporting software to define specific catchment areas around Bookers depots.

We then targeted 10,000 independents with an S2 designed direct mail campaign which consisted of 2 types of creative and two different incentives, resulting in 4 different trials running simultaneously to 2,500 retailers per trial.


Each DM piece had personalized creative content and messaging, as well as a financial incentive to drive businesses to their local Booker wholesaler in the form of a voucher, which was later redeemed at Bookers outlets. This helped sustain initial take up to Coca-Cola’s new product, as part of the UK launch.

The success of the campaign was instrumental in driving the national TV, outdoor media and below the line UK roll out.