Customer segmentation, profiling & analysis, email design & campaign management


Eden Hall, is a luxury spa, restuarant and hotel venue based in Nottinghamshire, offering a variety of beauty treatments and spa packages. S2 was asked to analyse Eden Hall’s marketing database to gain a better understanding of their customers to drive targeted and strategic marketing.

Eden tasked S2 with a customer profiling and segmentation project to better understand their customers and identify the types of people who were buying services and/or packages to allow more effective targeted marketing.


S2 segmented Eden’s customers by experience and package, to develop robust customer profiles that would add incremental value to their current data sets. Our segmentation and analysis project utilised demographic profiling as well as cutting edge geographic mapping to highlight customer spread and clusters by treatment and spend.

Understanding each customer segment would enable Eden to target promotions and sales campaigns to their relevant target audience, increasing response rates and sales. Drive time analysis was performed to define target catchments and highlight areas of opportunity to attract new prospects.

Using the central marketing database which we developed, email campaigns were also designed and built by S2 to drive targeted communications relevant to the different profiles of its customer base.


Eden now has a marketing database that flags customers by profile type and individual variables, which can be used to filter their database for specific audiences. Sales and promotional campaigns are now optimised by targeting the right customers and prospects with the right offering.

This profiling and segmentation project has substantially increased response rates, ensuring that promotions are relevant to each target market and has also enhanced their customer relationships.