Customer segmentation, analysis & marketing database


Hoar Cross Hall Spa offers a Grade II listed stately home retreat and sanctuary for those looking for a weekend break or a spa relaxation treat. Hoar Cross sought to gain a better understanding of their customer profile across each category and create a single customer view database that would incorporate both operational information and marketing variables.

Segmenting their customer base would enable more effective targeted marketing helping to improve return on investment and overall growth through sales.


Hoar Cross provided 4 separate databases which needed to be merged to create a single customer view. S2 cleansed the data to ensure a viable and accurate database as a basis for the profiling and segmentation work that was carried out.

Hoar Cross required a central marketing database to help drive future communications to customers and help identity and target prospects.

Understanding the profile of each target market (leisure, spa and business) would enable communications and messaging to be more relevant and targeted. S2 therefore provided an understanding of the core business by socio-demographics and the ability to measure and track frequency of bookings and spend. A 360 customer view of customers allows Hoar Cross to understand the correlations between bookings and characteristics which in turn improved campaign management and ROI.


This marketing database now enables Hoar Cross to increase margins by allowing more targeted campaigns, improve results and avoid unnecessary wastage or costs. After developing a better understanding of their customer base, it also provides the ability to drive loyalty and incentive programmes.