Range strategy, sales territory planning & store aquisition


Selling over 2 million smoothies per week, Innocent Drinks make smoothies, juices and veg pots which are sold in a huge variety of retail stores including major grocers, coffee shops, licensed premises and good led venues. Innocent’s main objective was to secure greater distribution of its range in stores (primarily independent and small chains) that were located in areas matching their consumer profile.

Innocent required analysis to be undertaken to provide insight into the characteristics of residents and workers within specific catchments of their existing customer outlets and the identification of potential new store locations for range expansion.


S2 analysed the common demographics and purchasing behaviour of all customers within catchments of Innocent outlets. A model was created to establish scores per outlet based on existing volumes by range and the potential based on their environment segment. This insight was then used to size the opportunity by existing outlets and map hotspot areas of stores that could potentially stock Innocent products.


S2 were able to provide an overview of existing Innocent customers by channel and the insight to provide a much greater understanding of which outlets have the potential to grow the Innocent range. A scoring methodology was used to create a list of prospect outlets for Innocent ranked by the size of opportunity.

Utilising our Segmentz® data mapping, reporting and analysis software we were able to provide visual representation of their store coverage which matched against the profile of their potential customer base by channel and also highlighted key geographical areas with low or no existing coverage. Innocent can now use this insight to drive their growth and market penetration strategy.