Customer segmentation, catchment profiling & marketing strategy


Odeon is one of the largest cinemas chains in Europe (Owned by Odeon and UCI Cinema Group) and the largest cinema chain in the UK, with over a hundred cinemas that accounts for nearly a third of all tickets sold in the UK.

Odeon had recently purchased a couple of new sites and wanted to gain an understanding of the audience within the catchment areas. S2 provided full profile reports for each of the new sites, to support future marketing decisions on format, listings, discount and loyalty card promotions.


S2 provided insight reports based on a 10 minute drive time of the locations providing a profile of the customer catchment types. This offered a better understanding of the commercial opportunity within each market from audience type to the overall marketing strategy across film choice, media channels, detailed population mix and volumes.


S2 provided a detailed summary for each location including the top customer segmentation profiles, mosaic groups, catchment age and gender mix, social grade, affluence, family lifestage and whether the area was over or under indexed against the GB norm for each.

Each location was then able to implement highly localised activity geared to each specific target market.