Data mapping, reporting & analysis


Riverford Organic Farms run an organic vegetable box scheme, based in Devon, that now deliver around 40,000 boxes a week of organic produce and meat to homes around the UK from their 5 regional farms.

They required an intuitive software tool that would enable them to fulfil their own spatial analytical needs, in terms of both retention of existing customers and acquisition of new ones.

They needed the ability to plan UK-wide marketing activities, but also the ability to implement these at a very localised level. Our in house Segmentz data mapping, reporting and analysis tool was the perfect fit.


Segmentz® needed to be able to manipulate and analyse their customer and prospect locations by the defined characteristics they held, which are key drivers of the business. For customer locations these were classed by status, recency of last order, total order value and number of orders.


Our software provides the ability to map their 5 farm locations, farm regions and franchisee territories and overlay these with their customers or prospects. The added functionality of being able to create catchments and drive-times within the software adds real value to both strategic marketing at a localised level, but more importantly aids logistics and proximity analysis.