Customer segmentation, profiling & behaviour analysis


TUI wanted to gain a full understanding of their data taking into account customer profiles, behaviour and transactional history to create a tailored marketing approach for their POS and on and offline promotional activity across their retail stores.

This required a customer and prospect mapping profile report template to support each ABTA agent in aligning their promotional signage and proactive holiday offers to fit the people living and working in the local community, e.g. displays of holidays that are the closest match to the people passing – luxury cruises in high affluence areas with a significant percentage of the population matching the relevant Mosaic profile.

To make effective merchandising decisions, retailers need accurate, store-level information that relates to the local shoppers and consumers, recognising external factors that can effect purchasing behaviour and store performance comparisons.


S2 provided this in-depth analysis and insight by combining TUI Retail data, such as holiday destination, type, size of party etc, with carefully selected data from some of the UK’s leading consumer database companies and plugging this into Segmentz® our data mapping and reporting analysis software. This offered a detailed understanding of the marketplace in which TUI operates, and the ability to analyse and define activity which is both relevant and highly targeted for each store, moving away from a generic approach.

S2 provided tabulations of top destinations overall for Thomson and First Choice and then created drill down tables for each shop highlighting top 3 destinations for use in determining shop level promotions. Profiling destinations and products by Mosaic groups identified commonality within brands and aided the creation of lookup matrices for future promotional material. This also identified areas of opportunity where shop catchment profile and current booking profile divergence occurred.


TUI were provided with individual shop profiles that enabled brand/product promotions mapped against classified customer segments within catchment areas. This affords the ability to implement the most effective shop promotions for each individual store resulting in a ‘pick list’ for each shop.

The commercial revenue uplifts from this type of activity are achieved by focusing on maximising the effective selling space of the travel agents shops by tailoring promotions to trigger driving footfall into the store.