Customer profiling, segmentation, mobile adverts design, email design & campaigns


Castle Galleries, part of The Washington Green Group, has over 40 retail stores in the UK and is one of the UKs leading art retailers, specialising in limited editions, original art and sculptures.

CG came to us to gain a better understanding of their customer profile, who they were, what they purchased and how behaviour and spend differed by store and artist. Data visualisation via opportunity heat mapping of their customers and prospects, would help CG to implement more highly targeted activity.

S2 was also tasked to design and develop new email campaigns targeted at specific customers and prospects by segment profile.


Taking each store’s data, we analysed customer’s spend, frequency and product purchase by their socio demographic profile. Analysing these key attributes enabled us to group and segment customers to create a profile and thereby help to identify CG’s most profitable, frequent and loyal customers.

Location and catchment analysis performed by loading customer data into Segmentz®, our data mapping, reporting and analysis tool, clearly highlighted clusters of buyers into specific types of customer group and helped establish clearly defined catchment areas for each store. Once data analysis had been completed, we were then able to gain valuable insight into the various customer types and send out targeted communications.


Understanding the profile of different customer groups, their buying patterns and trends of behaviour now helps to underpin omnichannel marketing activity at a localised level.

From the results of this customer insight project, we designed and developed an online integrated campaign to prospects around each store to increase awareness and drive traffic to store events. Prospect selection based on the profile of best customers resulted in a successful promotion that delivered 69 new customers and £38,000 worth of spend directly off the back of the campaign.