S2 working with Coca-Cola on their recent AdeZ Product Launch

S2 is currently working on a consumer research, brand profiling and brand strategy project for Coca-Cola on their new brand AdeZ.

AdeZ (pronounced A-deZ) is a new range of on the go plant based drinks created as a healthly lifestyle nourishment drink. With no added sugar, AdeZ is a dairy free smoothie that caters for the health minded.

Data scientist

Carolyn Baines, Strategy and Insight Director at S2, said “we have worked on numerous
similar projects with Coca-Cola over many years such as Powerade, Monster, Relentless,
Innocent, Coke Zero Sugar and Vitaminwater. AdeZ represents another interesting project
where S2 can bring its expertise in research, customer insight, brand strategy and route
to market execution to CCEP and its key retail customers
Consumers are now demanding nutritious and healthly options to improve their lifestyles. According to recent Nielsen data, the plant-based foods sector grew more than 8 percent in 2017, and the plant-based milk category is up 3 percent since last year, outpacing sales of cow’s milk over the same period.

As this drink range is also dairy free it is appealing to the growing veganism marketplace.The number of vegans in the UK soared to over 3.5 million since 2016 .

We look forward to bringing you more news about AdeZ in the near future.


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