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Digital Ad Campaign: Pantone Cruises In Psychedelic Alternate Worlds With Vibrant Colour Palette

Brand design trends are looking set to change for 2020. Now we’re starting a new decade many brands will be reviewing their branding and logos and how they stand out compared to their competitors. Making sure the design is a good representation of where the business is going for the new decade.

What’s install for brand design trends in the 2020’s?

Out with the old and in with the new. We will still see simpler more flat and minimalistic designs grow, but with many still preferring easy to read fonts, which are impactful for both print and digital media.

We will start to see more abstract 3D and more vibrant colours creeping in accompanied by more abstract designs. Taking more of a risk with more stand out from the crowd designs. Could we see more of an 80’s design trend coming back?

Check out the vibrant and fun packaging we did for Sunrise Bakery, which increased their dales by 120%.

Typography will be used more playfully with brands including the use of neon and much more vibrant colours. Many brands are already experimenting with type now instead of using more traditional imagery. Where imagery is used, so we’re starting to see a shift in the use of layered imagery and typography.

We will see imagery replaced by more creative animations. These will be experimented with more and more across digital and social media. This is due to imagery’s shorter life span compared to a brands designed logo. It’s easier to upload something different for a brand online, so view the results and react quicker if it doesn’t appeal to the audiences.

The 2020’s are looking more experimental with fun new trends emerging. Design will continue to keep changing now that many brands use social media as a key platform to talk to their audiences.

Watch the video by Graphic Mama for what’s to come in brand design trends 2020.