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Digital marketing helps you to reach your customers in a more immediate, targeted and personalised way. It’s our job to help you understand the possibilities that the web and on-line marketing represents and how these work to your advantage. We’ll work with you to develop the right digital strategy for your customers and business. Whether content marketing, mobile app, social media, SMS or email campaign, we’ll help clarify your key objectives, identify the right target audience and develop a digital strategy that will deliver. Email Marketing – We provide effective design for your email campaigns, using our knowledge of consumer behaviour and best practice to develop the right message and creative; maximising engagement, click through rates and sales conversions.
Online Marketing – Our team will work with you to create the right online touch points to drive awareness and traffic to your business and the right content to maximise engagement with prospects and customers alike. Working across social media, mobile apps, email campaigns and microsites we deliver omnichannel campaigns. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Helping you to develop the right SEO strategy to ensure you have the best chance of ranking in search engines. Volume, whilst advantageous, isn’t everything. We help you drive the right kind of traffic to your website in order to maximise conversions. Social Media – We provide you with the right tools and assets on the right social platforms to connect and engage with your prospects and customers.

“S2 created a suite of online targeted communications that were sent out to a range of different customer types promoting special events and offers. The campaign was a major success resulting in a high number of new online customers and enhanced brand awareness.” Helen Moulton, Marketing Manager, Castle Galleries

“S2 created an interactive, clean, contemporary and visually appealing website which is both easy to use and intuitive to navigate. They have also been instrumental in creating a new brand identity and other on and offline collateral which has helped to drive traffic to our venue and raise awareness of our brand” Karen Smith, Marketing Manager, Hatton Country World

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