Serendipity2 (S2), is excited to announce that it’s working with the rapidly expanding tea company, D’Amazonia, to help drive online and retail growth.

D’Amazonia was founded in 2020 by a Brazilian mother and daughter team following a futile search for natural solutions to help increase their own fitness levels and keep their bodies in shape. The result is a delicious mix of natural low caffeine, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in D’Amazonia Fitness Tea. Delivering ‘The Power of The Rainforest in a Cup’.

D’Amazonia promotes a healthy, nutritious lifestyle by offering natural functional products that make people feel great in mind, body and spirit whilst doing their part for the environment.

Initially sold direct to consumers online (D2C), S2 is leading the strategic direction of D’Amazonia by conducting the market research, developing customer target audience profiles, brand positioning, creative design, brand identity, packaging and route to market planning and execution.

Consumer tastes have shifted over the past decade with green tea and exotic blends gaining popularity over traditional black tea. Tea lovers are demanding better quality teas at home, in restaurants, cafes, and in coffee/tea shops. They’re no longer satisfied with one or two choices of standard tea bags.

Marcela Tupinamba, founder director of D’Amazonia states: ‘We aim to create a widely recognisable health, fitness and wellbeing brand with the emphasis on our exciting portfolio of functional teas. Initially we’re growing direct to consumer online sales through highly targeted campaigns to key consumer audiences via online and social media channels. The plan is to develop a growing portfolio of functional tea brands to include more blends, organic health foods and accessories.’

CEO of S2, Pete Flood, said: ‘I’m very excited to have the opportunity of working with the founder directors, Marcela Tupinamba and Polly Gomes, at D’Amazonia to help scale the business whilst applying our long experience of helping major global and progressive SME Food and Drinks brands to achieve success. Apart from developing its online consumer presence, D’Amazonia is currently generating investment as it evolves its business model to take advantage of the B2B opportunity with major hospitality and leisure, grocery, cafes, gyms, health and sports retailers and entertainment venues.’

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