Food service delivery is one of the fastest growing channels and an important segment within the out of home food service market. The pandemic has accelerated this growth and consumer uptake from a segment that previously did not order take-outs. Ordering a takeaway is reported to be considered a leisure occasion for consumers as well as a convenience driver; the last 12 months never more so!

So lets look at this food service delivery market and what is holds for the future….

“UK households spend on average £5 pp per week on takeaway meals.” Statistica

There has been a considerable increase in food delivery app users, with an average of 2 apps on consumers phones.

Habits have changed in both directions, but the most frequent orderers are getting more deliveries since lockdown began. A quarter of Britons (26%) say they have been getting more takeaways, while 21% say they have been ordering fewer. YouGov

Food service delivery growth chart

The UK takeaway delivery market is said to the one of the largest in the world, turning around over £6 billion worth of orders each year.  

The market’s largest segment is Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery with a projected market volume of £3,482m in 2021. Consumers prefer to order direct from restaurants as the below chart shows, potentially due to the higher cost of third-party delivery companies.

Food service delivery users chart

Food delivery apps are forecast to continue rising, making this a market segment to watch….

Food service revenue chart

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