Gin consumption hits sales high as consumer drinking habits change.

As a gin drinker myself, I was interested to read that gin consumption has increased, with sales exceeding the £1billion mark at the end of last year. In fact gin has grown more than any other spirit sold in the UK. (WSTA).

Consumer behaviour is constantly changing and its understanding these changes and capitalising on trends that keep brands and retailers profitable.

The dramatic increase in gin sales was of personal interest to me, being one of those consumers that has been caught up in this growing gin trend. Gin has become one of my favourite drinks, not just during the summer months but more recently over the winter and Christmas period as well.

Figures released by a YouGov poll, found gin is the most popular spirit in the UK, with 29% of drinkers voting it their favourite. Gin has leapfrogged from third place, compared with the same poll a year ago, with whiskies (25%) in second place and vodka (23%) close in third.

Scotland now produces 70% of the gin consumed in the UK, with more than 73 distilleries opening between 2010-14.The growth in the sector has been attributed to the increasing number of micro-distilleries, innovation and experimentation with botanicals and solid growth in the product across age ranges. (BBC News)

The large range of gin brands available (Statistica 2017)



Gin Consumption - Favourite Brand

With 65% of respondents drinking gin once a week.


Gin consumption per week


So, what does this mean for marketers like myself, who analyse trends and forecast changing customer behaviour to help support business strategy? It is only by getting in front of these trends and giving consumers what they want, that companies can ensure they have the right category splits and ranging.

Read about gin trends in 2018 and onwards from Good Housekeeping. I am unsure of gin and wine together and neat gin, but never say never ………

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