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Web Design & Build

The Brief

Marston’s is the UK’s leading independent brewing and pub retailing business with over 2,150 pubs in the UK. Key brands include Estrella, Hobgoblin, Bank’s, Shipyard, Bombardier and Young’s. In order to improve communication between central marketing, operations and sales teams, S2 was tasked to develop a single digital platform to consolidate several sales and marketing software tools creating improved efficiencies, cost savings and reducing duplication of resource overlap. 


S2 worked closely with the Marston’s team to scope, design, test and develop a user-friendly functional go-to-tool for all the business to use. In-depth user scoping workshops were held across different business functions to capture detailed specification requirements to ensure realistic user journeys were developed.

Different user views permit different access levels to pertinent information ranging from insights, brand information, sales tools, POS, activity campaign monitor and asset downloads. 

Working closely with Marstons, S2 developed a platform that can grow continuously with the business, understanding that further development would be needed to integrate further software tools over time.  Consolidation and future capability are critical to ensure the platform would be accessible and useful for the different needs of each sales & marketing functions.


The new website provides a central hub and go-to sales and marketing tool for the business. Consolidating multiple software systems into one has provided not only a great cost saving for Marstons but also increased effectiveness and efficiency across the business. It is now used daily across the business ensuring both the sales and marketing teams can access the most up to date relevant information. The platform can be used both off and online providing sales teams with access to key assets on location which can be then shared with their key customers.  S2 is currently engaged in additional integrations and updates for other areas of the business.