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Consumer Focus Groups

“S2 were great to work with, delivering on our project objectives with a reassuring consultative approach.”

Gemma Allardyce (Head of Central Operations, Co-operative Childcare)

The Brief

The Co-operative appointed S2 to undertake market research through a series of focus groups to understand existing customers’ (parents’) perceptions of the company. S2 was asked to explore parent’s understanding of their brand values and interest in becoming more involved in decisions at a local level.


Co-operative Childcare was about to undergo a rebrand to reposition itself, reinforce the brand difference and improve relevancy to their target audience. Focus Groups were conducted with parents to explore their perceptions, feelings and assumptions around core areas. This research gave feedback on parent’s attitudes and perceptions of the brand, feedback on the new brand being developed and identified the level of interest parents had in becoming more involved with decisions at their nursery.

The focus groups were held on site at 3 nurseries across the Midlands. A mixed sample group were recruited for each session, which were 1.5hr long and led by our qualified moderator.


The research provided the feedback Co-operative required to gauge current understanding of the company’s brand values and philosophy. It also provided instant feedback on the current rebrand that was taking place to Little Pioneers Childcare & Nursery.