Brand strategy & sales activation campaign


Owned by Coca-Cola, the world’s leading soft drink manufacturer and distributor, Monster Energy is a major international energy drink associated with many extreme sports events such as BMX, Motocross, skateboarding and snowboarding.

Marketed as a drink for those who aspire to an action lifestyle of extreme action sports, motor sports and live rock music, the demographic is heavily biased to 16-24 year old males.

Monster Energy wanted to identify locations with the highest potential of individuals matching their brand profile. Secondly, they needed to identify wholesale catchment areas with the highest sales potential for their product.


To deliver this insight, S2 used its Segmentz® data mapping, reporting and location analysis software to provide postal districts ranked by the highest Monster consumption levels and then aggregated this volume figure by identifying catchment areas in close proximity to key wholesalers.

This intelligence then drove the roll out strategy for the wholesale channel to ensure sales potential was maximised through the alignment of Monster’s sales resource.


The customer insights delivered by S2 enabled the Monster team to focus on key areas of the UK with maximum potential for volume growth and, at the same time, helped reinforce relationships with key wholesalers and retailers stocking the brand.