Our snapshot survey is designed to gather data quickly and efficiently on current, trending topics which are happening right now. Topics which have extensive implications for businesses whilst being dynamic.

The survey targets a representative sample of the UK population and allows for regional, social demographic, and economic variables to be examined.


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Convenience Store Shoppers Uncovered

Convenience stores are a key channel where many brands can make a significant difference to their sales and get ahead of the competition.

In January 2024 we will be focusing on the motivations and habits of shoppers and how they are impacted by store brand, location, shop layout to name just a few elements.

Brands can benefit from the results of a core survey as well as adding their own brand specific questions. The survey will target a nationally representative panel of 2,000 respondents.

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Cost of Living Crisis Survey

In January 2023 we examined the Cost of Living Crisis to get a flavour of consumer confidence and to understand how the economy as impacting on attitudes and spending.

Find out what people are prepared to sacrifice in order to keep their spending in order. Gain an understanding of how positive different ages groups are feeling about the economic situation.

SnapShot Survey Sponsorship

If you would like to gain some specific insights into the current convenience store shopping habits in 2024 you can sponsor up to 10 specific questions. The results of these will be private and not published.

As a sponsor, you will benefit from:

Insights from an online survey to a nationally representative sample of 2,000 adults in the UK.

Full access to the insights from a set of 12 core questions, which will also be visible to other sponsors.

10 of your own bespoke questions, specifically related to your brand and the cost-of-living topic. These could include images of collateral, etc.


Selected insights from the core questions will form part of our thought leadership paper; insights from your bespoke questions will be visible only to you.

Full data tables in CSV or Excel format.

A fully art-worked insights report containing the core findings as well as your own bespoke data.

An opportunity to promote your brand by being cited as a sponsor in a press release, S2 collateral and social media campaign.

Getting ahead of your competition in 2024.

S2 will work with you to discuss your specific requirements.