Strategy & Insight

Using customer insight to drive business performance


We are specialists in strategy and data insight but our focus is on ensuring that output is actionable and can be easily implemented from a sales, marketing and operational perspective.


We provide customised data insight solutions that enable our clients to make informed business decisions. Using actionable insight to inform strategy and to target, acquire and retain customers, gives you a better return on your marketing spend.

Make more informed decisions

Data is at the heart of your organisation, providing the means to tailor your range, price and promotional activity to the right target audience and drive increased revenue.

The shopper versus the consumer

With the shopper and consumer central to your offering, we bring together in-store, digital data and technology to create a seamless experience for all parties.

Understand customer behaviour

Blending your sales and customer data with external data sources, we develop intelligent customer profiles to highlight what your customers look like and how they behave.

More relevant communications

Actionable insight helps to deliver more relevant and timely communications to both your existing customers and new prospects.

A Single Customer View

Consumers are demanding more personalised interactions. Where they choose to shop and relax also reflects their lifestyle, life stage and behaviours.

A better return on marketing spend

With advances in technology and data science, it’s now possible to promote the right brands to the right people in the right channels and in the right locations.

Using insights to develop an actionable strategy and more effective, highly targeted execution.

A Data Driven Strategy

A data driven strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. With the advances in technology and data analytical capability, it’s now possible to promote the right brands to the right people across the right channels and in the right locations.

Featured Projects

Great execution only comes from a more informed understanding of the end consumer.


Customer segmentation, store segmentation, shopper insight, category management

WHSmith Travel (WHST) was looking to create a segmentation of store locations beyond their existing broad segmentation by type, (travel and retail high street), with a view to move towards increased store differentiation.

Vue Cinemas

Store segmentation, customer segmentation, location planning & category management

Vue was looking to improve the relevance of promotional offers, ranging and film programming for individual cinemas by building a detailed understanding of the occasion based behaviours behind why we go to the cinema.

The National Gallery

Online customer segmentation, category management, pen persona development & digital execution

The National Gallery wanted to gain a better understanding of the lifestyles, behaviours, affluence and life stages of their online customers and came to S2 to develop a customer segmentation model which could be used in all future online sales, marketing and promotional activity via their online shop.


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