Effective customer insight can help your organisation drive growth and plan for change by turning customer data into actionable insight.



We partner with brands and retailers to uncover the attitudes, beliefs, and motivations that drive customer behaviour through the buying journey.

Retailers and consumer brands, spanning brand strategy, category management and shopper insight, are facing significant challenges that affect the way they relate to their consumers and shoppers. 

Using customer insight to build a competitive advantage is essential, but the question remains as to how to convert omnichannel data into actionable insight.

We blend both internal and external store, digital and geodemographic data to understand, describe and predict behaviour and how it impacts on customer interactions.

Embracing the full potential of customer insight within MarketView, our own data mapping, analysis and reporting tool, can transform how you define your objectives, plan commercial strategies and even how you take decisions with individual customers.

The dramatic shift away from the traditional high street model and the move to omnichannel has driven an explosion in information overload.

“If you are a retailer or major FMCG company like 
Coca-Cola, it is vital to understand the dynamics of the marketplace. With their strategy and insight expertise, coupled with their data mapping, reporting and analysis tool, Map2Stats®, S2 has the capacity to offer something unique.”

Stewart Beale, Insights Controller, Coca-Cola European Partners


  • Understanding customer demographic and behavioural characteristics within relevant geographic areas, in the context of national, regional, and local environments.
  • Retailer and brand profile segmentation modelled to align with shoppers and consumers within relevant catchment areas to enable geographic and retail location comparisons.
  • Mapping attitudinal and behavioural data to existing customers to visualise geographic hot spot densities.
  • Sizing potential against the total UK population by analyzing the sales gap between existing customers and the consumer opportunity.

  • Highly targeted alignment of ranging, pricing, POS, merchandising and omnichannel promotions.
  • Customer insight methodologies such as mobile proximity marketing for driving footfall to increase category sales.
  • Predictive regional trending of ethnicity, life stage, economic investment, infrastructure impacts and social changes.
  • Customer value KPI reporting and dash boarding across on and offline channels.