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“Serendipity2 expertly host and manage our customer database, providing data intelligence to drive future sales and marketing strategy. Customer profiling and persona development has also helped in the development of a more targeted customer acquisition programme, whilst increasing our customer engagement and retention levels”

Charlotte Ashurst, Group Marketing Manager, River Street Events

The Brief

Established in 2013 following the purchase of BBC Haymarket as part of a management buyout, River Street Events, (RSE), now manage the highly successful portfolio of BBC Good Food Shows and BBC Gardeners’ World Live events.

RSE required a CRM database hosting and management service with ongoing customer insight analysis, support and execution. The data insight would enable them to provide an integrated communications strategy focused primarily on driving increased footfall to BBC Good Food Show events, via substantially improved customer retention and acquisition.

Our Approach

RSE had a good gut feel for who visits BBC Good Food Shows, but did not have a detailed understanding of the precise make up of its customer base by show or how to find more people like them. They also didn’t fully understand the relationship or migration of customers between shows or how to maximise cross show promotions to improve sales.

S2 undertook an initial customer profiling and segmentation project across the 8 Good Food Shows covering venues across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In depth analysis by by ticket type, frequency, socio-demographics and drive time was used to develop bespoke pen personas. These personas provide information on customers highlighting what they look like, how they behave and how best RSE can communicate with them. Using this understanding of lifestyles and behaviours enables RSE to tailor a communications strategy that delivers a more informed and better targeted sales and marketing activity for each specific show.

The customer profiling work covered media communication habits and trends which RSE can now use to tailor communications more effectively, thereby increasing existing customer retention and new customer acquisition.

Once a profile of Good Food Show customers was established and the best target prospect identified for each venue, S2 could provide look-a-like prospect data for each show within a defined optimal catchment area.

Our database hosting and management service takes daily feeds from multiple sources including RSE, the ticketing agency, the e-broadcast agency and other online feeds to develop a single customer view master CRM database. This database was used to drive all forms of communication.

The Result

RSE and The BBC Good Food Show now have a thorough understanding of their customer profile for each show and have the ability to target promotional activity more effectively to drive footfall to each venue.

Understanding media communication habits and trends enables improved targeting of marketing spend geared more effectively to the correct media channels and locations where there are high numbers of potential visitors matching RSE’s customer base.

Through our hosting and management of a single customer view database, S2 provided ongoing profiling and analysis of current and predicted ticket sales by pen persona (both pre and post show) to help underpin marketing activity.

Following the success of this work, S2 managed the BBC Gardeners’ World Live events.


In addition to managing the database, S2’s creative and digital team was tasked to design and build a number of email templates spanning PC, mobile and social communications.

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