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Benefits of Retail Store Segmentation

As data insight and analytics specialists, we understand the importance of retail store segmentation, analysing stores at individual site and estate level . All too often, retailers forget that each of their sites, although part of a larger chain, will have differing...

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Get Actionable Insight from your Customer Data

Turn your customer data into actionable insights More brands, more categories, more channels and more data sources, all represent a challenging marketplace. So, how can you turn your customer data into actionable insights? Companies have a wealth of customer data,...

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Retail location planning using data insight

Getting the right location - retail location planning If you’re preparing to open a new retail location, to extend the reach of your existing estate or beginning a start up, identifying the right location with retail location planning, will be the single most...

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Customer Segmentation the Basics

Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing customers into groups of individuals that have shared characteristics or traits. These characteristics may be age, gender, life stage, or traits such as interests and spending habits. The aim of segmentation is to...

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