Serendipity2 is proud to have been appointed by BioGlobe and Trotamundos Films & Doc to manage the rebranding for The Blue Planet Expedition research and documentary series. 

Since the Sheldon Expedition in 1969, The Blue Planet Expedition is the first global ocean survey of its type and aims to advance the scientific understanding of a range of issues. This includes environmental conservation, climate change, biodiversity, the quality of renewable natural resources, and the variances of these in different global societies. 

The output of the expedition is to create a free data-bank of primary research which will be available to all, including universities, scientific bodies, and research centres.  The expedition will also provide content for a four-season documentary series with 10 episodes in each series as well as a children’s series. The content from each series is forecasted to reach approximately 200 million people, in a worldwide audience.

The rebranding project with Serendipity2 includes the creation of a new visual identity, including logo and style guidelines, which will be applied to all communications including the website.

Antony Antoniou, Marketing Directo of BioGlobe: “Our overall aim is to create a collective conservation conscience about our environment, biodiversity and renewable natural resources. Through The Blue Plant Expedition, we continue to gather vital data, content and information that helps global audiences understand the environmental challenges we all face – both now and with future generations.   Our branding therefore needs to instantly communicate our cause and resonate with the audience that will use our scientific outputs. The project is so important that the brand needs to cut through all the clutter and be seen, and we’re therefore delighted to have appointed Serendipity2 to make this happen.”

Adds Santiago Ramos, Executive Producer Trotamundos Fim & Doc: “Since 1986 I’ve been privileged to have made documentaries in 57 countries that look in detail at the natural resources and environmental issues affecting each location. Our aim is to educate people about the world that we are all living in, as I believe that information is education and education is the base for a better world. We have presented our findings to 167 delegates at the UN’s COP8 and MOP3 events, and will now continue travelling the world with The Blue Planet Expedition to enhance the  reporting on the very latest impacts relating to the world’s natural environment.”

Harriett Type, Managing Director of Serendipity2, said: “We are proud to be working with BioGlobe on the rebranding of such an important research project. We are so inspired by The Blue Planet Expedition’s mission. With such diverse global audiences, it is important for us to use a data-driven approach to gather as much marketing intelligence to really shape the rebranding project. We need to get under the skin of the audiences to understand their wants and needs, so we develop a brand that engages with them.”