We are proud to announce that Serendipity2 has been selected by Glebe Farm Foods to devise an effective go-to-market strategy for its award-winning PureOaty oat milk, to drive distribution, brand awareness and sales.

Using Serendipity2’s unique trademarked RISE™ approach, the team will be assessing data insights to develop Pen Personas, analyse store rankings for key grocery partners and design and create a host of new go-to-market online and in store collateral.

With the market for plant-based milk alternatives reportedly worth £357 million1, oat milk is said to be driving the category’s growth, with a further study reporting that at least one in three people in Britain are now choosing plant-based milk alternatives2.

Tony Holmes, COO of Glebe Farm Foods, commented: “This is a very exciting chapter for Glebe Farm Foods, given that we are the only farm in the UK that grows and processes the purest of British gluten free oats, in all its forms including flour, porridge oats, and of course our oat drink, PureOaty. More and more consumers are looking for a healthier diet and selecting milk alternatives and so we have partnered with Serendipity2 to take a more informed approach with our go-to-market strategy. This includes using data to assess motivations and buying behaviours by regions, territories, and specific outlets.”

CEO of Serendipity2, Peter Flood, adds: “We are excited to be working with Glebe Farm Foods to help drive distribution, brand awareness and overall sales of its delicious PureOaty drink. We are proud to support innovative brands with effective research and insights to help them better understand consumer behaviours, to evaluate market potential and to help drive increased awareness, sales and profits, through a smarter approach to sales and marketing strategy.”

Serendipity2’s expertise, developed over 22 years, centres on using data analytics and external data sources to develop accurate consumer and shopper brand profiles (or personas) to reflect consumers’ current lifestyles, life stages, occasions, aspirations, affluence and buying behaviour preferences.

Using MarketView, Serendipity2’s Google-enabled data visualisation and analytical tool, personas are mapped against UK populations (residential, daytime workplace, travel hubs, proximity drivers etc) to determine the total footfall opportunity by population relevancy. Output data and heat maps enable Serendipity2 and its clients to then develop and align POS, merchandising, equipment, signage and in store promotions to the communication and promotional preferences of consumers.