Covid has dominated the backdrop to how major consumer brands and retailers engage with their customers across both on and offline channels, but over the past 12 months, how has covid-19 affected consumer behaviour?

It would be stretching it to say that 2020 wasn’t a bit tough for the majority of consumer brands and retailers across most industries and, whilst the vaccine is great news for a recovering economy, it’s going to affect us for a few months yet!

The pandemic over the last 12 months has seen consumers experiencing conditions never seen before. Restrictions on our movements, shopping, social behaviour and for extended periods of time. It’s obvious that we’ve all had to adapt; working from home, connecting and socialising with others online and changing the channels and frequency we shop to name but a few. Food and drinks brands and the out of home sector (eg. hospitality, leisure, travel, QSR’s, cinemas, coffee shops etc.) have been largely impacted, with people working from home more.

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