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#1. Decoding the demographics





In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, artificial intelligence has emerged as a transformative force, offering unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences in innovative ways. From accurately targeted marketing and personalised customer experiences to streamlining operations and uncovering valuable insights, AI holds the key to revolutionising the way brands engage with their consumers.

In this article, we explore the possibilities AI uses and presents, that will empower brands to harness its full potential when engaging with receptive target audiences, and stay ahead in the competitive market.

By gaining insights into the lifestyle and attitudes of AI enthusiasts, brands can better tailor their offerings, communication strategies, and brand positioning to effectively connect with this tech-savvy demographic.

The fact that 31% of UK adults are excited about AI’s development indicates a positive sentiment towards this technology. This enthusiasm strongly suggests a buoyant market for AI-driven products and services in various sectors.

Perceived Societal Benefits: With 40% of UK adults believing that AI development will benefit society, there is a level of optimism regarding the potential positive impact of AI on people’s lives. This perception can encourage the responsible and ethical use of AI in different industries.

Opportunities in Travel and Meal Planning: The high percentage (18%) of UK adults willing to use AI tools for travel recommendations presents an opportunity for the travel industry to offer personalised and AI-driven travel planning services. Similarly, the 17% interest in AI-powered meal planning can drive the development of food-related AI applications.


In summary, the statistics highlight the potential for AI adoption and the positive outlook on its benefits. Industries such as travel, food & beverage can leverage AI to deliver personalised experiences. However, businesses must also address concerns, prioritise user experience, and be ethically responsible to build consumer trust and capitalise on the opportunities presented by AI technology.


Understanding the lifestyle and attitudes of people who are excited about AI can provide valuable insights for those in the food, beverage, and travel sectors . Here are some interesting aspects to explore:

Decoding the demographics

The profile of UK consumers excited about AI’s development, being predominantly male, aged between 25 and 44 years, affluent with a household income of over £60,000, and educated to degree level, presents valuable insights for food, beverage, and travel brands.


  • Understanding the demographic composition allows brands to tailor marketing strategies and content to resonate with this specific group. AI-driven advertising and promotions can be directed toward the preferences and interests of this demographic, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Considering their higher household income and education level, these consumers may have an appetite for premium experiences, luxury travel, and gourmet food and beverage options. Brands can cater to their preferences by offering upscale offerings and personalised experiences that align with their lifestyle and aspirations.
  • As early adopters of technology and likely to be well-versed in digital platforms, these consumers may appreciate AI-powered innovations in their food, travel, and beverage experiences. Implementing AI-driven tools and services, such as personalised travel recommendations, exclusive memberships, and AI-generated culinary delights, can capture the interest and loyalty of this tech-savvy and influential segment of the market.

UK consumers who are excited by AI’s development more likely to be

AI Article demographics infographic 1

(Index of over 100 means that the audience is more likely than average to represent this characteristic/behaviour/ attitude)


The enthusiasm for AI’s development among UK consumers has significant implications for food, beverage, and travel brands. Excited consumers are more inclined to engage with brands in ways that can drive business growth.

  • Their increased likelihood to buy premium versions of products signals an opportunity for brands to offer AI-enhanced premium options that cater to the tech-savvy and adventurous segment of the market.
  • Their propensity to buy products they see advertised provides an avenue for brands to leverage AI-powered targeted advertising to capture their attention effectively.
  • Their trust in online reviews about products and services indicates the importance of maintaining positive online reputations and utilising AI-driven sentiment analysis to monitor and respond to customer feedback.
  • Their willingness to share new product discoveries with friends and family can lead to organic word-of-mouth marketing, highlighting the potential of AI-powered personalised recommendations to create a positive buzz and foster brand advocacy.

Overall, brands that effectively harness AI technology to enhance customer experiences, offer premium options, and leverage targeted advertising and personalised recommendations stand to benefit from the excitement surrounding AI among UK consumers.

    UK consumers who are excited by AI’s development are significantly more likely than average to:

    AI Article infographic 2

    (Index of over 100 means that the audience is more likely than average to represent this behaviour/attitude)


    UK consumers who are excited by AI’s development are significantly more likely than average to describe themselves as adventurous and ambitious.

    They are more likely to consider themselves as:

    (Index of over 100 means that the audience is more likely than average to represent this characteristic/behaviour/ attitude)

    These consumers’ self-identification as opinion leaders suggests that they can influence the choices of their peers, making them valuable brand advocates. Capitalising on their inclination to be the first to try new things and take risks, brands can introduce innovative AI-powered offerings, exclusive experiences, and cutting-edge culinary creations, catering to their desire for novel and extraordinary adventures. Given their tendency to make decisions swiftly, brands should ensure that their AI-driven services and recommendations are efficient, user-friendly, and responsive, enabling quick and frictionless experiences. The passion for exploring the world aligns with travel brands’ opportunities to offer AI-enhanced personalised itineraries, exceptional travel experiences, and off-the-beaten-path discoveries. Additionally, their focus on appearance care can inspire beverage and food brands to introduce AI-driven products or services tailored to personal preferences, health goals, and dietary needs. By tapping into these vibrant aspects of their personalities, food, beverage, and travel brands can forge meaningful connections with this adventurous and ambitious consumer segment, fostering brand loyalty and advocacy in an increasingly competitive landscape.


    AI enthusiasts are significantly more likely to be interested in:

    AI Article interests infographic - mobile version

    (Index of over 100 means that the audience is more likely than average to represent this characteristic/behaviour/ attitude)

    The diverse range of personal interests among UK consumers who are excited about AI’s development holds intriguing implications for food, beverage, and travel brands. This tech-savvy audience’s propensity for interests such as gadgets, gaming, finance, investments, and science presents a unique opportunity for brands to align their AI-driven offerings with these pursuits. For instance, introducing AI-powered travel booking platforms that provide seamless financial management or partnering with fintech companies to offer innovative payment solutions during travel experiences could strike a chord. Likewise, catering to their health-conscious tendencies through AI-curated health food and beverage options can forge strong connections. Furthermore, their engagement with environmental issues and charities and volunteering showcases their values, which brands can reflect in sustainable and socially responsible initiatives. Recognising their wide-ranging interests and weaving AI-enhanced experiences that cater to these passions can amplify brand engagement and loyalty in the dynamic landscape of food, beverage, and travel industries.

    In summary, the current excitement about AI unlocks a myriad of opportunities for brands. However, brands must be mindful of navigating concerns and cultivating trust. The AI landscape embodies a space where various elements come together, where innovative offerings mirror consumer aspirations, and ethical responsibility complements tech-driven engagement. As the tides of AI reshape horizons, brands that embrace this paradigm shift stand poised to drive loyalty and consumer engagement in a world driven by innovation.


    Data sourced from GWI 2023


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