Sales territory planning provides the means to optimise the allocation of your people and resources to the right outlets in the best locations in order to maximise return on investment.



“This insight into market penetration has been invaluable to Jigsaw in helping to deliver strategy and resource planning across the estate”

Neil Borer, Ecommerce Director, Jigsaw Retail

As organisations grow through acquisition, diversity and increasingly complex routes to market, the challenge for brands and retailers is to streamline resources to focus on consolidating product ranging for a complete category picture and, at the same time, limiting the cost of expensive field sales resources.

Factoring in visit frequency and range targets is a science that requires understand of both the total sales potential and an understanding of range turn over rate based on market segment and consumer occasion modelling.

Achieving an appropriate sales territory balance is an important factor in maintaining satisfaction with your customers, salespeople, and for your company as a whole.

If territories differ sharply by geographical size or growth potential and slip out of balance, sales personnel may be given too much or too little work. This can lead to under or over servicing of customers, a lack of prioritization and a poor return on your investment.

Creating balanced sales territories based on call frequency and volume for growth, maintain and fix metrics.

Our sales territory planning services include:

  • Grading and ranking of stores against footfall potential and growth opportunity around each individual outlet.
  • Matching people and resources to new, optimised sales territories to provide efficiencies around service levels.
  • Optimising field sales force efficiencies to reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Route planning based on proximity to sales territories and stores reducing travel time and increasing time in store.
  • Geographic mapping of sales territories to improve market coverage and route to market.
  • Sales territory planning geared to new product launches, variation in pack size and flavours and key promotional activation programmes.