Customer segmentation has traditionally been driven by in depth analysis of existing customer transactional data purchase patterns to drive ranging, pricing and pack strategies.



We work with you to explore how your customer segmentation can be modelled to translate into understanding the full market potential for future growth opportunities by comparing existing customer segments against both current and prospective consumers.

We also work closely with brand owners to help develop brand profiles and attitudinal based customer segmentation models that can be applied and mapped across to the total UK population.

Data visualisation techniques enable these models to be heat mapped to quickly identify areas of high density population by each individual customer segment to drive cost effective, targeted media campaigns and strategic reviews of routes to market.

Our customer Segmentation services include:

  • Creation of pen personas to bring each customer segment to life improving internal and external media understanding of who your customer are and how they interact with your company.

  • Mapping of customers to visualise the geographic spread and understand how it is reflected in customer segment demographics.

  • Building catchment areas to reflect the proximity of customers to retail locations.
    • Profiling catchment or geographic areas to size the opportunity by customer segment.
    • Overlaying your current route to market estate to hot spot areas of high opportunity to ensure coverage is able to support growth.
    • Measuring the effectiveness of media planning by looking at the relevancy of broadcast media and visibility area to the density of customer segment populations.