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Online customer segmentation, category management, pen persona development & digital execution

“The provision of pen personas for online customers now enables us to monitor how our different customer segments respond to online activity, helping us to more effectively shape future strategic online marketing decisions.”

Head of Marketing, The National Gallery

The Brief

However, they wanted to gain a better understanding of the lifestyles, behaviours, affluence and life stages of their online customers and came to S2 to develop a customer segmentation model which could be used in all future online sales, marketing and promotional activity via their online shop.

The National Gallery in London (TNG) houses one of the greatest collections of Western European painting in the world.

Offering free entrance all year round, TNG had built up a comprehensive online customer and prospect database covering sales transactions by category and specific product.

Our Approach

The customer segmentation and category management project enabled us to build a pen persona profile for their most profitable, frequent and loyal online customers. Taking NG’s transactional data and utilising consumer demographics and shopper behavioural data, we were able to segment their customer base and develop profiles for different customer groups such as the most valuable and most loyal.

The development of each of these pen personas was specifically designed to bring to life the consumer profiles of their customer base and to find new prospects who look and behave just like their best existing customers.

Utilising MarketView, our in-house data mapping, reporting and analytical tool, we were also able to map TNG’s online customers by spend, consumer profile and distance from the g§allery.

Understanding the ‘best fit’ of customers enabled S2 to provide maps of the most valuable prospective customers by region, allowing TNG the opportunity to target them in future online campaigns.

The Result

The provision of pen personas for online customers now enables NG to monitor how their different customer segments respond to online activity, helping them to more effectively shape future online marketing decisions.

In addition to the segmentation model, based on the project results S2 has provided NG with an email list of prospects that matched the profile of their most profitable online customers and those with a higher prevalence to respond to e-marketing.


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