Brand activation campaign


Powerade Energy delivers dual energy helping to energise the body quickly whilst maintaining improved performance for longer. Available in a range of flavours in both 500ml and 375ml wide mouth bottles, the consumer profile target market for this product is 16-24 year olds, primarily full time students and blue collar workers.

Powerade aimed to introduce a major sampling programme across the UK with the objective of reaching 750,000 of their target market. Initially in the London area, the sampling was designed to raise awareness for the brand via fun and impactful communication of key brand messages.


S2 was tasked to develop the underlying strategy to implement a successful sampling programme. Initially this required identifying the most suitable locations for sampling activity in the London area.

Using Segmentz®, our data mapping, reporting and location analysis tool, we developed a ranked list of key priority areas with heat maps showing high densities of independent and key customer retail outlets in locations dominated by blue collar workplaces, transportation hubs, major construction sites and emergency services (predominantly police and fire). S2 then overlaid existing retail outlets taking into account existing cooler equipment.


The resulting output defined the consumption opportunity, enabling ranking of outlets to prioritise equipment placement and field sales resourcing for the sampling programme.

Using the insights gained from the sampling activity, the success of this project resulted in a major national roll out across the UK with an emphasis on locations with the highest ranked customer profile.