Customer segmentation & sampling activation programme


Owned by Coca-Cola, the world’s leading soft drink manufacturer and distributor, Relentless is a hugely successful global energy drink associated with the promotion and sponsorship of extreme sports.

Relentless Energy wanted to run a sampling tour to target an audience of primarily male 18-24 year olds who have the need to replenish their energy levels. The aim was to raise awareness of Relentless via a major sampling road show promotion and to drive footfall to local retailers in order to convert samples to purchases. Relentless asked S2 to provide a list of regions (key city centres) that have a high, concentrated, number of the target audience within key catchment areas.


Using Segmentz®, our data mapping, reporting and location analysis software, S2 provided heat maps and a ranking of city centres sizing the number of prospect outlets broken down by the three main target audiences.

We also produced catchment analysis reports for each city which centred on transport hubs and universities in order to build footfall and identify the best prospect sites. The definition of city centres was deliberately loose as these varied due to geographic size variations. In order to provide a truer comparison, we balanced cities by creating areas which covered central postcode areas.


The customer insights delivered by S2 enabled the Relentless team to focus on key areas of the UK with maximum potential for volume growth and, at the same time, helped reinforce relationships with key wholesalers and retailers stocking the brand.