Brand tracking is crucial to understand and determine overall brand health. It allows you to measure important marketing metrics to inform your brand strategy moving forwards. Brand tracking metrics such as awareness, impression, prior usage, preference, purchase intent and Net Promoter Score (NPS) allows you to better understand how customers interact with your brand.

Strong brands can charge a price premium, are more likely to have loyal customers and generate higher margins. Monitoring your brand enables you to improve your products/services in line with your customers’ needs and wants.

We offer real-time brand tracking, gathering everyday feelings and thoughts from real people to understand how they feel about your brand, competition and category.

Service Benefits

  • AI powered Brand Tracking that can be tailored for you.
  • Daily brand awareness monitoring.
  • Real-time analysis of people’s feelings about your brand, competition, and category.
  • Understand your market and actions needed to grow.
  • Live monitoring measuring the impact of marketing activity.
  • Ability to monitor creative assets to measure impact and resonation.