Each time we browse, our browsing situation is different, and the way we engage with online content is different. That’s why situational targeting is a key influencer of audience engagement.

With third-party cookie deprecation fast approaching, advertisers and agencies need new solutions to ensure their campaigns continue to reach the right audiences. S2 can help our clients by providing privacy friendly targeting, which is cookie free and ID free, allowing advertisers to reach digital audiences through granular, contextual and behavioural signals.

Situational Targeting

We can help you understand how your audience engages with content served by advertisers, analysing in context of 320 ‘situational’ audiences and a combination of over 1bn pieces of real time behaviour and predictive.

Situational targeting works effectively as a stand-alone targeting tool and as an enhancement to existing digital campaigns.


Audience Enhancement

Predictive audience segments provide a combination of scale and precise targeting for first party or prospect audience activation using a combination of privacy friendly, cookie free, data and advanced analytics.


Bespoke Privacy Friendly Audience Activation

Our team of data scientists can work with you to create bespoke predictive segments using a wide variety of privacy friendly data sources combined with advanced modelling techniques.

Campaign enhancement

Combine situational segments or predictive audience segments to the hot prospects in your existing campaign or to enhance engagement by tailoring your content.


First Party Data enhancement

Your First-party data can be matched to privacy friendly targeting variables or segments to close information gaps and provide more data points. This allows more insights and more effective marketing communications.


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