Understanding your customers’ behaviour, quantifying the size and potential of national, regional or local market segments and making sure your omnichannel sales and marketing is mapped to local communities.

Heat mapping enables you to optimise field sales resource allocation, find and communicate with difficult to reach groups, identify and address diverse needs within an area and plan omnichannel marketing campaigns in the areas of greatest opportunity.

We use heat mapping and colour to differentiate areas of high densities of communities by significant variables.

Data can be mapped and visualised to identify UK wide opportunities or at street level, enabling you to target your brands in the right locations and to optimise the sales opportunity.

In order to provide customers with the ability to understand the inter-relationships between existing stockists, prospect outlets, distribution points and demographic hotspots, we use volume and share data in conjunction with external data to measure the relevancy of each outlet to the brand profile.

Data visualisation provides a clear way to identify and prioritise outlets which are located in modelled ‘hot spot’ areas based on high densities of footfall matching the brand profile.